Property Management.

Here is a brief description of our Full Property Management Service. This landlord guide explains our Letting and Property management service. This includes handling tenants queries, preparing the property for rental, adverting your rental property, finding prospective tenants along with carrying out routine inspections over the tenancy.

Part 4 Tenancy.

Part 4 Tenancy

Tenant Tip

What information may be required when applying to rent a property? This video discusses what information that you may be required to have a tenant applying for a rental property in Cork.

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22nd of October 2020

Rent Supplement for tenants laid off due to covid 19 lockdown.

If you are a landlord and are aware that your tenant has recently lost their job or been temporally laid off, direct them to the department of social protection to apply for Rent Supplement. Many tenants are not aware that this may be available to them. Or if you are a tenant, you can contact the department directly.
The applications can be found at
Rent Supplement and Housing Assistant Program (HAP) are two different schemes. Rent Supplement is available as a short-term income support to those in the private rental sector who are finding it difficult to pay their rent.
Housing Assistant Programme (HAP)means that local authorities can provide housing assistance for households who qualify for social housing support, this includes long term Rent Supplement recipients. To qualify for HAP a household, the household must qualify to go on the local authority housing waiting list